The power of a 95 – in the same size bolt pattern as the 75AX!

The 95AX is another popular-sized engine in the AX series that’s famous for providing uncompromising power in tight-fitting applications.75ax

  • A high-performance engine that’s ideal for aerobats and large-scale models.
  • Generous thread on the extra-long, balanced crankshaft means more secure prop attachment
  • Balanced cracnkshaft provides smoother running which is important on the larger single-cylinder engines as vibrations can literally shake apart the airframe.
  • The E-4040 Power Box™ muffler that’s included dampens noise while boosting power.

Stock Number
: OSMG0580
Displacement: 0.949 cu in (15.55 cc)
Bore: 1.091 in (27.7 mm)
Stroke: 1.016 in (25.8 mm)
Practical rpm range: 2,000-16,000
Power output: 2.9 hp @ 15,000 rpm
Engine weight: 20 oz (567 g)
Includes: E-4040 Power Box silencer, O.S. #8 Glow Plug, Needle Valve Extension
Recommended prop sizes: 14×8, 15×6-8, 16×6-8
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